sweet gymnastics

170 x 240 mm | 144 pages

Sweet and Simple Gymnastics

The frantic pace of everyday life affects us negatively on both a psychic and physical level. Gymnastics is a valuable method to ensure a state of general welfare. This book contains text along with illustrations, exercises, and proper techniques. In this manual you will find all necessary advice to properly practice gymnastics: technical and implementation modalities; exercises divided into five levels of increasing difficulty, and special training programs to stay healthy and active.


170 x 240 | 128 pages


170 x 240 | 124 pages

Zen Gymnastics

170 x 240 | 128 pages

170 x 240 mm | 110  pages

Yoga Lessons

Yoga is an ancient discipline that has been transmitted from teachers to disciples throughout the centuries; today it has become a practice aimed at preserving the balance of the mind and the well-being of the body. This guide will teach you the main postures and the most effective breathing exercises in a clear and simple way. Yoga practice will help you improve breathing and correct postural defects. Yoga techniques will also allow you to combat stress, regain inner harmony, and maintain or restore your psycho-physical balance.

Morning Yoga Sessions

170 x 240 | 236   pages

Pilates Morning Sessions

170 x 240 | 238 pages

170 x 240 mm | 126 pages

Gymnastics for Children

Younger children can also do gymnastics without getting bored, as long as parents, teachers, babysitters or siblings participate and become their monitors. You can start at home, although if the weather invites it can be done outdoors, if possible in a meadow or the beach. This book offers you many useful tips and endless games designed to develop children’s motor potential and stimulate their fantasy, imitation skills, balance, coordination, etc.

Roller Skating Course

170 x 240 | 126  pages

Karate Course for Children

170 x 240 | 124 pages

170 x 240 mm | 184 pages

The Beginner’s Guide to Coaching Football

Football is increasingly more attractive among young people who wish to emulate the great champions. The secret is to train with dedication and use good methods . This manual presents everything that a coach should know to get their players to improve the team technically and progress in all aspects of a collective game. This manual, accompanied by numerous photos and drawings, will teach you, with great rigor, individual and collective techniques, different tactics, the exact movements, and the proper way to execute strategic plans.

Guide to playing football

170 x 240 | 400 pages

Basketball coach course

170 x 240 | 192 pages

Football lessons. The arbitration guide

170 x 240 | 160  pages

Football lessons. The center of the field

170 x 240 | 140 pages

170 x 240 mm | 34 pages

Learning for the Jump. Bar Training

Working on bars is the first stage for your horse to learn to jump, as well as being the best way to train your animal to be obedient and flexible on a flat surface. Thanks to this system the horses will be more attentive and will have more desire to learn, while strengthening the back muscles. Likewise, bar training will be beneficial to both the horse and the rider. This book gives you practical advice to make sure your horse is well prepared for show jumping.

The Rider Aids

170 x 240 | 32  pages

Mount Correctly

170 x 240 | 32 pages

Sidney. Los juegos olímpicos del año 2000

170 x 240 mm | 128 pages

The Olympic

170 x 240 mm | 94 pages

The Basics of Sailing

170 x 240 mm | 160 pages

Preparation for adventure sports

170 x 240 mm | 224  pages

Kickboxing lessons

170 x 240 mm | 112 pages

Fencing course

170 x 240 mm | 152  pages

170 x 240 mm | 142 pages

Baits and Baits for Freshwater Fishing

The good fisherman knows that, to obtain a good prey, he needs a good material, but that alone is not enough: the choice of baits and baits is decisive in this task. Should animal or vegetable baits be embodied on the hooks? Does the time of day determine the choice of bait? With this work, all anglers – beginners or veterans – will have in their hands a complete guide to baiting techniques: how to choose, keep or find the baits, function and composition of the feed, baits, which line to use depending on the type fishing.

The Fisherman’s Calendar

170 x 240 | 96   pages

Trout fishing

170 x 240 | 92 pages

170 x 240 mm | 288  pages

Hunter’s Manual Small Game and Big Game

Hunting dogs, techniques and modalities, weapons and ammunition, free lands, preserves, reserves, with the current legislation on the practice of hunting and the ownership of weapons.

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