Drawing Course – For Children From 4 To 8-Years Old (English Version)

The text below is the excerpt of the book Drawing Course (ISBN: 9781646991051), written by Liliana Grisa, published by de Vecchi /DVE ediciones.

We are very happy that you have decided to enter the world of colours and that you want to learn to draw with us.

Follow the instructions and steps explained on each page and in no time you’ll become excellent cartoonists.

Before you start browsing these pages and discovering how easy it is to draw objects, animals, and people, we reveal to you the secrets of great artists. Carefully follow each step.

1. Put the pencil on
the sheet, make a
light pressure with
the tip and raise it
immediately. What
you have done is a
DOT and although
it seems small and
lost in all that
space, it has a lot
of importance…
2. If you place one
point next to
the other by
sliding the
pencil over the
sheet, you will
create a LINE,
which can have
3. Lines can be
open or closed.
If you are going to
draw a closed line
on a sheet, you
will get a SHAPE.
Looking through
this book, you will
realize that these
forms are very
4. In fact, joining
the different
forms you will
obtain many

In this book, the drawings are divided into groups: you will find many FRUITS, FLOWERS, ANIMALS, PEOPLE and MEANS OF TRANSPORT.

Next to each finished drawing we give you the indications to colour them. Even though we have chosen the colours, you can leave your imagination free and create your own compositions.


And now, take the paintings, lots of sheets of paper and here we go for a good job!

The Apple

Drawing an apple is very easy: draw four circles, two small ones at the bottom and two big ones at the top, close them, add the stem and the leaf… and that’s it!

The Pear

Try to draw the pear following the steps… It’s not difficult, you only have to draw three circles.

The Strawberry

It takes three circles to drawthe strawberry too! Draw the stem on top and then colour it all.


With a group of little circles you can draw a bunch of grapes.

To get a better insight into Drawing Course, please continue this exciting adventure by clicking on Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AustraliaAmazon CanadaAmazon FrenchAmazon GermanAmazon MexicoAmazon ItalyAmazon SpainScribd.



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